Advice for Men

Buying french knickers for your loved one can be enjoyable and the perfect gift for any occasion. However, most men do not know the correct size when buying knickers, and although the look is important do you and her, the correct size is more so, as it will make her feel special knowing you have gone out of your way to buy the correct size.

Look through her underwear drawer to find the correct size! (This behaviour, although not acceptable normally, in this case is essential)

The knicker size will be shown on the tag. These range from small (8) upto X Large (16) and will always be shown with either numbers (8,10,12 etc) or (Small, Medium or Large). Most knickers will have both numbers and size on them so it will be easy for you to choose. If for some reason there is no tag, a quick look at her trousers or skirts will give you the same results.

Make sure you think she will be comortable wearing you chosen garment, as if she is easily offended crotchless knickers will not be for her. Also think about what colours she likes.

So buy your partner some sexy French Knickers today……………………..and treat yourself!